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Some tips to choose bicycle electric torch
2012-05-24 16:21:23


1.Watch batteries, ordinary batteries and lithium two, while lithium is a chargeable battery, but life is low, about 2 years, the LED life of about 10years, can choose according to the actual situation.

2 see bulb of Bicycle Flashlight, bulb burning condition, the naked eye is difficult to differentiate it is good or bad, can see the light bulb consistency.

3 see aperture, good LED flashlight aperture for even a circle, poor Best flashlight for bicycle beam is divided into yellow and blue and white uniform distribution.

4 see brightness, good LED high-brightness flashlight, decay slow. 5 see waterproof, good Camouflage Flashlight with waterproof function, good anti-seismic performance, namely, Naishuai.

5 see appearance, the people more than I will, I do not say more. And what I choose is aluminum alloy shell, elegant.

6 select the brand, brand is the quality of a defined standard, do not have good quality can not become a well-known brands, so in the choice of a flashlight, need to know about the brand flashlight. According to the hand of bounteous degree, can choose different brands.

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