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Reed Rigging Joins Ampco Flashlight to Support Rammstein Tour
2011-07-04 09:12:06


Pushing boundaries just like the German metal band Rammstein, Reed Rigging partnered with Ampco Strion LED Flashlight Rental to support the Rammstein North American Tour with an XLNT CyberHoist Motion Control System.

The system included 49 XLNT CyberHoists uniquely timed to shift various scenic elements throughout the production. With over 16 items moving around at various speeds and times during the show, the set provided its own theatrical performance for fired up fans. Flame cannons housed inside truss flew in close to the band and audience for an over-the-top dramatic effect - making pyrotechnics the most prominent feature of the show. As fans say, "Other bands play, Rammstein burns!"

Custom made scenic elements including circular pods in the middle of the Roy Bennett designed set contained 36 conventional searchlights and 36 LED flashlights. Hung from 3 points, the pods could be articulated in any direction using the XLNT CyberHoists. Five fluoro pods, three of which hung over vocalist, Till Lindemann, and guitarists, Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers, contained conventional lights and fluorescents. Hung from 2 points, the fluoro pods were able to tilt side to side as well as move vertically.

Other XLNT CyberHoists were used to pivot the lighting truss highlighting various artist movements on stage such as the infamous drum solo. "The XLNT CyberHoist Motion Control System is perfectly suited for Rammstein's production," said Neil Montour, Reed Rigging's Production Rigging Manager assisting Rammstein's CyberHoist Tour Operator, Martin Hoop. "The scenic movements and pyrotechnics were all specifically planned, timed and cued from the completion of the previous movements. They needed something with precision timing. The XLNT CyberHoist Motion Control System is perfect because it's all based on timing. A Lighting Designer can do a 30 second cue and within 30 seconds it determines acceleration, deceleration and cruising speed. You hit the button and the XLNT CyberHoist does all the work," Montour explained.

Michael Reed, President and founder of Reed Rigging stated, "We are pleased to expand our products and services at Reed Rigging by providing not only the state-of-the-art CyberHoist System, but technicians like Neil to operate it as well. Our ability to do the job for tours and events of every size leveraging the CyberHoist Rental Network is elevated." The first Rammstein North American tour in over a decade consisted of 14 shows last month spanning across Canada, Mexico and the United States.

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