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Mom's bright idea dims a little
2011-08-05 10:42:37


Every now and then, I get a good idea.

Maybe even a great one.

But the idea alone is rarely cause to brag; it's putting it into action that really counts.

And that's where I sometimes fall short.

Years ago, I had come up with the brilliant idea that there should be a Aluminum LED Flashlight readily available in every corner of the house.

So, I bought a handful of inexpensive flashlights, along with the appropriate batteries, and strategically stashed them in various locations throughout the house. Areas included the entertainment centre, bathroom, nightstands, kitchen cupboard, bookshelves and laundry room.

There were also a few bigger flashlights, including a hand-crank one, in the main closet.

Unable to predict when they would be needed, I had placed the batteries into zip-lock bags, which were taped to each flashlight. That way, the risk of batteries exploding in their compartments (like batteries are known to do once they've been left unused long enough) would be nil, but they could easily be found and inserted when needed.

My great plan, however, took a significant turn in the wrong direction.

Innocently, it started with my letting the younger kids use the flashlights during sleepovers or nightmares. Then, for the occasional game of shadow play or hide and seek in the dark.

At first, Cell LED Flashlights would be quickly returned after each use. Then, it took a little longer. Eventually, they would take detours, landing on a countertop or shelf, before finding their way home.

Scattered about, some met their untimely demise when batteries were forgotten (and indeed exploded) inside their compartments.

Also guilty, my husband and I even borrowed a few from my stash, that never made their way back into the house, remaining in the garage or vehicles instead.

My intention was always to replace them all, which I did - a couple of times - only to lose most of them again.

My intentions were always greatest after situations where I found myself in need of a flashlight, with none to be found.

Well, recently, while out on a late evening family drive, we got word through the grapevine of a power outage on our street. We drove home knowing what to expect and luckily, there was a ready-to-use flashlight in the van. But, once inside our darkened home, it quickly became apparent that most of my other flashlights were missing once again.

As I frantically searched, I wished that I still had flashlights and batteries tucked away in every room for such an occasion.

Between the flashlights that I was able to locate and a multitude of candles, everything worked out in the end. But, I promised myself once again, to re-stock the house with easily accessible red LED flashlights; to keep them for emergencies only; and to avoid procrastinating in doing so.

Hopefully, we'll be better prepared the next time the lights go out.

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