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Make night vision flashlights at home
2011-07-01 13:35:43

 Using a flashlight to read a star chart in the dark ruins your night vision when you play in garden,but if you can make your own night vision flashlight at home,it will be more fun,and it's cheaper and easier. So let's talk about how to make a night vision flashlight. 1. Buy holiday red plastic wrap. This is available in most grocery stores after Thanksgiving and in some specialty shops year round. Stock up while it is in season if you're really starting to enjoy backyard astronomy. 2. Choose any household flashlight. Any flashlight works, but generally it is best to pick an average to small-sized light. A flashlight with a regular bulb is a better choice than a super bright LED bulb. 3. Pull out some plastic wrap and fold it back toward the roll at a distance wide enough to cover the end of your flashlight with a couple extra inches on either side. 4. Fold the plastic wrap back over itself until you have a piece 1/8-inch thick. The width should still be able to cover the lens of your flashlight with a couple extra inches on both sides. This process takes a little while, but the night vision filters are durable and reusable. 5. Tear the plastic wrap from the roll. Fold your creation in half from left to right to form a square-like shape. 6. Place the square over the end of your flashlight and tape it around in a circle at the edge of the light. 7. Take your night vision flashlight out for a late night test run. And make sure that,Add additional layers of plastic wrap if you have an extremely bright flashlight.

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