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Camp tests kids' survival skills
2011-08-08 09:13:08


A Cell LED Flashlight, a raincoat and bug spray were on the list of survival items for campers at Wild Survival camp Tuesday.

Twenty-six kids took part in the day camp at Prairie Loft Center for Outdoor and Agricultural Learning hosted by the Hastings Museum of Natural and Cultural History.

Camper Allie Janssen listed a Aluminum LED Flashlight, coat, hat and water as items that made it into her pack. There wasn’t any food though.

“You didn’t bring along any food,” camp leader and museum education curator Russanne Erickson said. “How are you going to eat?”

“We had a pocketknife for animals,” Allie, 7, said.

Amy Sandeen, executive director of the Prairie Loft Center, said she was surprised by some of the items the campers put in their packs.

“It was interesting how many chose bug spray for survival,” she said. “They were great about choosing water and shelter, protection from the elements.”

After gathering their supplies, the second- through fifth-grade campers took a hike around Prairie Loft looking for animal tracks and observing nature.

“We went on an actual hike to look for animal signs and adaptations,” said Sandeen. “We found signs of predator/prey relationships and animal tracks.”

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